Geoje Taxpayers Association


Foreigner’s Best Tax Partner GTA

GTA (Geoje Taxpayers Association) is organized in June 16th, 2005. We have been serving easy tax assist and consulting for foreigners in DSME, SHI, HHI, HMD, STX, etc, since the establishment. GTA endeavors to reduce taxpayer’s tax burden and provide cost effective solution.

If you join the GTA and pay Income Tax through us, you would get below benefits.

Benefit of GTA members

▶ 10% Taxpayers Association Deduction (Article 150)

▶ Convenient Website –Checking the Receipt (

▶ Membership Card and Holder

GTA is proud to support the St. Andrews Society Committee in being official sponsors of the 2012 Burns Night Charity Ball. We hope to see more happiness donations from both individuals and corporations.

For further details contact at:
#555-1, Okpo 1 dong, Geoje city, Korea (656-904)
Tel: 82 (0)55 688 2141 / Fax: 82 (0)55 688 2142

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Or download our brochure here: GTA Brochure (500)